Curing Salts & Kits



Curing Salts & Kits

Find the ultimate curing salts and curing kit at Sous Chef. If you’re interested in preserving meat and fish by curing, what better way to start than with a curing kit? 

These kits contain all the necessary elements to cure your own meat and fish – for example, to make your own bacon or homemade smoked salmon. 

They contain curing salts, a mixture of regular table salt and sodium nitrite or nitrate, which work to slow the growth of bacteria, preserving the texture and flavour of the meat while also providing the characteristic pink colour in cured products. 

This preservation method has been used for centuries, ensuring a longer shelf life and unique taste profile.

A curing kit provides enthusiasts with a convenient package containing all the necessary ingredients for curing. These kits will usually include curing salts and flavourings as well as the equipment for cold smoking at home. Along with that of course they have full instructions for a safe and effective curing process.