Clay & Terracotta Cooking Pots



Clay & Terracotta Cooking Pots

Clay and terracotta cooking pots are used across the world for cooking in the oven and – depending on the pot – on the hob. 

They have exceptional heat retention, allowing the dish to stay warm from oven to table. From stews and soups to braised meats and baked goods, a clay cooking pot will excel in a wide range of cooking methods. 

Whether you’re making a Chinese hotpot, or Spanish arroz al horno, the pot you’re looking for is going to be made of natural clay. However, using clay and terracotta pots requires some care, as they can be delicate and prone to cracking if not handled properly – usually by heating them gently.

What’s more, a terracotta cooking pot will add an aesthetic charm to the kitchen as well as to the table. Whether rustic and artisanal in appearance or delicately hand-painted, they can  complement a variety of interior styles.