Chocolate Moulds



Chocolate Moulds

Chocolate is a miraculous substance, transforming from hard and glossy at room temperature to soft and unctuous when popped in your mouth. 

What is more exciting than seeing a selection of chocolates, each promising a different taste and texture? For this you need chocolate moulds. 

Chocolate moulds are essential tools in the art of chocolate making. Made from various materials like silicone, polycarbonate, and metal, they are designed to form molten chocolate into different designs and shapes, from simple chocolate bar moulds to strawberry chocolate moulds or Christmas chocolate moulds.

Silicone moulds are flexible and easy to work with, and are ideal for producing small, delicate chocolates with fine features.

Polycarbonate moulds are favoured for their durability and precise detailing, making them a popular choice for professional chocolatiers. 

They can withstand the rigours of repeated use and ensure consistent results. Metal moulds, while less common, are used for larger, solid chocolates or specialty shapes.

Chocolate moulds have enabled the production of an astounding array of chocolates, from simple pralines, to Easter Eggs, to elaborate, multi-dimensional sculptures. 

With the right mould, you can turn a simple cocoa bean into a work of art.