Top Foodie Gifts for Her

Looking for the perfect gift for the foodie women in your life? Our huge range has got you covered - from women who love experimenting in their home kitchen, to those who love a global flavour exploration on their plate. Treat your mum, sister, daughter or friend to the perfect food gift, from unique ingredients, premium cookware and beautiful tableware to treasure 

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Puglia Dark Yellow Splatter Large Salad Bowl, 28cm

These bright, bold splatter-patterned ceramics are handmade and painted in Puglia - otherwise known as the heel of Italy’s ‘boot.’ Use this large salad bowl to make your  green summer salads really stand out, or use as a striking way to serve portions of tagliatelle ‘family style’. This bowl is the perfect gift for the woman who loves to entertain. 

Camerons Gourmet Mini Smoker, 18cm x 28cm

The Cameron's Stovetop Smoker is the ideal gift for creative cooks! Produce  flavour-packed home-smoked salmon or hickory BBQ steak - all from the ease of your kitchen. Add a new dimension of smoky  flavour to meat, fish and vegetables in minutes with this clever kitchen gadget.  

Kuro Hana Sushi Serving Set

This Kuro Hana serving set is an ideal gift for any lover of Japanese cuisine. . Kuro Hana means black flower in Japanese and this set is crafted from glossy black stoneware with a stunning silver floral motif . It includes 2 oblong sushi plates, 2 ramen ladles and 2 sauce dishes for dipping - upgrade your table setting instantly with the clean lines and timeless deign of this authentic Japanese set. .

Neuhaus Wine Pairing Selection

The perfect gift for wine connoisseurs and those with a sweet tooth - this luxury selection from Neuhaus combines both! A curated selection of world-renowned Belgian praline chocolates, all designed to be enjoyed with a glass of wine- think of it as attesting flight in chocolate form! 

Poon's Extraordinary Chilli Oil, 125g

Poon’s is the cult favourite brand every food lover should be trying in 2022. Founded by Amy Poon, daughter of legendary Covent Garden restaurateur Bill Poon, this range of chilli oils and sauces adds instant unami to any Chinese dishes. Use the Extraordinary Chilli Oil to add rich warmth to noodle bowls, or finish your favourite meals with a fiery drizzle - try it on everything from fried eggs to sourdough pizza! 

Puglian Organic Olive Oil in Terracotta Bottle, 500ml

A premium quality olive oil is a staple in every foodie’s store cupboard - and one variety is never enough!  Galantino’s organic oil not only tastes rich, smooth and peppery, but comes in a stunning ceramic hand-painted bottle that they will treasure long after the last drop is gone. 

Fiasconaro Almond Cream, 180g

Give the gift of everyday luxury with Fiasconaro’s almond cream - the ultimate upgrade to any breakfast spread. Smooth, rich and indulgent, this liquid marzipan is delicious simply spread across sourdough toast, sandwiched between soft macarons, or just spooned straight from the jar! 

Ottolenghi Test Kitchen Cookbook & Ingredients Set

Looking for a complete, ready to give gift? Try one of our cookbook and ingredients sets Ottolenghi’s latest release in collaboration with Noor Murad, Test Kitchen, features his signature bold flavours of the Middle East. And this handy set ensures all the essential ingredients are no hand, so your giftee can get into the kitchen right away.  

Mosser Glass Jade Milk Glass Cake Stand

Mosser make stunning milk glass tableware pieces that are timeless additions to any kitchen. Their cult jade green cake stand is striking yet elegant -  a colourful way to display  signature desserts and cakes that’s as much a focal point as the cake itself.  

Deluxe Truffle Gift Set

The ultimate treat for any truffle lover, this set comes with a classic luxury white truffle oil, a pumpkin and truffle puree, truffle and mushroom salsa and truffle-infused caranoli risotto rice. Use this plethora of ingredients to add the moreish umami flavour of truffle to any recipe - use the puree in pasta, the salsa on tacos or a add a drizzle of oil over the simplest salad for a burst of intense truffle flavour! 

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