The Buyer's Guide To Induction Pans

Which induction hob pans should I buy? More and more chefs are choosing induction cookers instead of gas or electric. If you want to make the switch to an induction stove, you'll need some compatible induction hob pans. There are lots of induction cookware to choose from at a whole range of price points, so it can be difficult to decide what to buy. In this article we compare and contrast our most popular induction pans to help you choose.

Watch De Buyer make their induction pans 

What is induction cooking?

Induction cooking is a method of generating heat by using a magnetic field. It's a faster, more energy efficient type of cooking than gas and electric. This is because it doesn't rely on waiting for the indirect heat of a flame or electrical heating element to conduct heat through your pans.

With induction cooking the pans heat up or cool down almost instantly after any changes to the cooking settings. This gives you far greater control over your cooking and you can be much more precise with timings. It's no wonder that induction cooking is so popular!

Choosing your induction pans

Not all pans are compatible with induction cookers. If you have aluminium cookware, or stainless steel cookware with a very low iron content, they will not work on an induction hob. To be compatible with induction cookers, pans need to be magnetic.

As soon as you start looking for induction compatible pans, you'll notice just how many are available. Some are very affordable and are great for getting started right away, while others are investments that will see you through a lifetime of cooking and beyond. 

To help you choose what pans are right for you, we've put together our induction pans buyer's guide. Here, we compare and contrast the different induction pan brands available at Sous Chef. First use this table to see at a glance what pans sound suitable for you.


Now read on to find more information about each brand, tips for what the induction pans are best for and the star buy from each brand. 

De Buyer Prima Matera


  1. Suitable for high temperature cooking
  2. Responds quickly to temperature changes
  3. Does not react to acids in food
  4. Season the pan by coating with oil for best results

De Buyer's Prima Matera range is unique on this list – the range is formed of copper cookware that's fully compatible with induction. Ordinarily copper pans don't work on induction, but De Buyer have added a layer of ferromagnetic material that's bonded to the base of the pans. These are incredibly beautiful pans, that really perform. Copper is highly responsive to changes in temperature, and conducts heat faster and more evenly than any of the other materials on this list. Prima Matera pans are therefore excellent for reducing sauces and making caramel, where even small changes in temperature can greatly affect the outcome.

The above table shows that these pans are not reactive to food acids – when copper generally is – and this is because Prima Matera pans are lined with a 0.2mm thick layer of stainless steel. This greatly reduces the likelihood of acid corrosion on the inner surfaces and makes the pans easier to clean.

Prima Matera copper pans are an investment, but you'll never need to buy any other pans again. These are the pans for cooking connoisseurs, whether you're into classic French cuisine or are keen to try the latest recipes & techniques from Michelin-starred modernist restaurants. This is the range to choose for control and longevity - not to mention design. The glowing copper pans with riveted cast iron handles will look stunning in any kitchen, whether your aesthetic leans more towards rustic & rural or ultra modern.


De Buyer Prima Matera Induction-Compatible Copper Frying Pan

The best induction pan you'll find for everyday omelettes and pancakes, as well as showstopping steaks and seared salmon fillets. 



De Buyer Prima Matera Induction-Compatible Copper Saute Pan - Conical

A kitchen essential for cooks who make lots of sauces, gravies and jus. The shape of the pan allows for fast, efficient reduction of sauces. The small base heats up quickly, and the sides flare out to a wide mouth that provides a large surface area for evaporation.


De Buyer Affinity Stainless Steel Casserole Pan with Lid

For your best boeuf bourguignon yet. Thanks to how evenly copper conducts heat, you can gently simmer a stew or casserole all day and not have to worry about hot spots causing burnt bits or stuck on food.


Netherton Foundry


  1. Suitable for high temperature cooking
  2. Responds quickly to temperature changes
  3. Season the pan by coating with oil for best results

Netherton Foundry pans are handmade in Shropshire from spun iron. Spun iron is much lighter than cast iron but has the same great properties. It heats and cools quickly and evenly, and develops a non-stick patina over time that gets better and better.

Netherton Foundry pans are ideal for high temperature searing and frying. For best results, it's recommended that you match the ring size on your induction hob exactly to the base of a Netherton Foundry pan. This is because spun iron pans are very thin and are therefore extremely susceptible to changes in temperature. If your pan is larger than the cooking area, the 'overhanging' parts of the pan can cause the temperature to drop and affect your cooking.

Netherton Foundry Oven Safe Frying Pan

The 10" frying pan is great for cooking a batch of eggs & bacon for a hearty fry-up. It's also ideal for omelettes and searing steaks. A brilliant frying pan for everyday use, this is our Netherton Foundry star buy.

De Buyer Affinity


  1. Suitable for high temperature cooking
  2. responds quickly to temperature changes
  3. Does not react to acids in food

The Affinity range is one of the highest quality stainless-steel cookware ranges by French cookware experts, De Buyer. Affinity pans are made from multiple layers of magnetic stainless steel with an aluminium core. Heat is induced throughout the entire pan – sides included – for faster and more even cooking. 

Affinity pans are designed to shine in a professional kitchen environment - so you can imagine the great results you'd get at home, too. They're durable and react almost instantly to changes in temperature. Affinity pans are particularly good for caramelising meat and reducing sauces.

Other induction pans and accessories

De Buyer Mineral B Wok, 32cm

This could be your perfect induction wok. Flat-based with conical iron sides means that the wok heats evenly to give the largest possible cooking area, for meals that cook in a flash. Moreover, it is coated with natural beeswax which provides protection against rust

De Buyer Non-Stick Induction Frying Pan, 28cm

A large frying pan with De Buyer's best and most durable non-stick coating yet. It's ideal for gentle cooking and reheating on induction cookers. The non-stick induction pan is great for frittatas, Spanish omelettes, shakshouka, and anything that needs simmering over a low heat like pasta sauces or even poaching fish.

Pans with non-stick coatings aren't suitable for searing or frying at high temperatures, as this shortens the life of the coating. 

If you've got a pan that's not compatible with induction hobs - but you just can't bear to part with it - an induction interface disc is your friend. Pop this on your new induction cooker and then place your pan on top. Voilà - you can now use your aluminium or copper pans on induction!

Check out our full collection of frying pans and saucepans here, or for something a little different, take a look at our copper pans and frying pans.


  • Hello. Absolutely, as a great starting point I’d really recommend the De Buyer Non-Stick Induction Frying Pan 28cm. It’s £40, and great for cooking a variety of dishes. The Affinity range is more expensive, but it one of the highest quality stainless-steel cookware ranges that De Buyer make. This is suited to professional cooking, but you can buy each piece individually if there’s a certain piece of cookware you’re after? Hope this helps!

    Ellie @ Sous Chef on

  • I’m a student living in small flat with an induction stovetop. Cooking is a passion and I’m looking for advice on the best combination of induction cookware at an affordable price point to get started. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks so much!

    Art SMith on

  • Hello Deirdre. So glad you found the guide useful. The De Buyer Prima range does work on induction. Copper doesn’t usually work on induction hobs, however De Buyer have included a thin stainless steel plate at the base to give it great induction performance. Thanks so much, and hope that helps

    Ellie @ Sous Chef on

  • I have just read your buyers guide to induction pans which I have found very informative and interesting. I have had an induction hob for many years but am now looking to replace some pans. I ma interested in De Buyer Prima Matera range but am a bit confused as one sight says they are not suitable for induction hobs, or have I been looking at the wrong range. Can you advise me please where I can find the correct De Buyer pan for an induction hob Many thanks

    Deirdre Golding on

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