Ruby Ice Cream

Here’s a brand new ice cream to spoil the taste buds of your guests. With ruby ice cream, you can have them indulge in a fruity refreshment with sour notes, a perfect end to dinner. To preserve the natural ruby taste and colour, the Callebaut chefs worked with yoghurt here. Yoghurt adds some acidity which you need to prevent the colour from fading. On top, yoghurt pairs very well with the taste of ruby and guarantees light and sensual taste experience.

This recipe was created by our friends at Callebaut.



  1. Warm the milk, yoghurt and water to 40°C.
  2. Add in the dextrose, dried glucose and stabiliser and pasteurise (heat to 72°C for at least 15 seconds).
  3. Mix in the ruby chocolate couverture until it melts, and then leave to cool.
  4. Add in the raspberry purée (make sure it is cold) and then mix and churn in an ice cream machine until set.
  5. Serve and finish with chopped hazelnuts or biscuit crumble.
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Ruby Ice Cream


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