Chilli Kale Crisps Recipe

This is a great recipe for curly kale. By simply coating them in a small bit of oil and drying them in a dehydrator, the curly kale transforms from a tough, chewy, cabbage-like vegetable into a mouth-wateringly delicious snack. Even 'kale haters' won't be able to keep their mitts from the bowl.

The chilli kale crisps are enormously versatile: a cunning way to get children to eat their greens, a beautiful way to garnish fish or meat dishes...and the chilli edge means that it goes astoundingly well with a pint of ale. A far healthier pub snack than pork scratchings! Plus the low cooking temperature means they keep all their vitamins.

Ingredients Serves: 4

Special equipment


  1. Cut the kale leaves into pieces which are a couple of times the size crisps (allow for shrinkage). Discard any very thick stems or ribs.
  2. Whisk together the gochujang, oil and salt in a large mixing bowl. Add the curly kale and use your hands to coat the leaves in the gochujang-oil mixture.
  3. Spread out the leaves on a dehydrator tray, and dry them out at 52C (125F) for 3-4 hours. Eat straight away.
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