Maison Bremond

Since opening their first Provençale delicatessen in 1830, Maison Bremond have sought to share the finest flavours of Provence with the world. Their 188-year-old passion for what their heritage land has to offer has evolved to produce confectionary and condiments that celebrate classic flavours, but with modern and unique twists. 

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Maison Bremond

The History of Maison Bremond

The story of Maison Bremond starts on the tree-lined street of Cours Mirabeau in Aix-en-Provence - thoroughfare that was lined with small cafes, merchants, grocers and even a hat shop owned by renowned artist Cezanne's family. Then in 1803, 'Calissons Bremond' was opened by a family of grocers, selling condiments and confectionary that celebrated the produce of the Provençale region.

Now you can find Calissons Bremond around the corner on the more charming, narrow, cobbled street of Rue d'Italie where it has been since 1986. Nestled next to a small tabac below rows of apartments with shuttered windows, it has three large windows filled with stunning displays of all their delicacies.

Our land, our community, our Provence


Today, they work closely with farmers to revive forgotten traditional crops and local handicrafts, alongside supporting projects that seek to protect the Provençale environment. Since 2019, they have been committed to the planting of chestnut and pistachio trees in agroforestry in Haute-Provence. Helping to protect the crops, fight erosion, improve fertility and humidity. So far, they've been able to replant around 900 chestnut trees on the Plateau du Contadour and the Plateau d’Albion.

To live and work in harmony with nature, cultivate the soil while respecting its biodiversity, support committed farmers, promote seasonal products and short circuits, carry on the savoir-faire of our elders and share a taste for good things... that is the philosophy of Maison Brémond.

They also support the Ligue Protection des Oiseaux, helping to protect the Little Owl and the Iberian Grey Shrike, two declining species in Provence. And help to preserve the lavender fields in Provence with regular donations to the Fonds de Sauvegarde de la Lavande. Making everything from extra virgin olive oils, truffle-based products, sweet and savoury spreads and confectionery - that you can be sure are also helping to give back to the environment and local community.

Sous Chef Favourites

Maison Bremond Lemon Curd Cream & Olive Oil, 220g

'This lemon curd is super rich and packed full of flavour. Once you open the jar you are hit with a strong citrus aroma, but the curd itself isn't overly sweet and is more tangy in flavour.'

Conrad, Marketing Manager

'The aubergine caviar is so well balanced with just a hint of black olive and lemon, it's extremely moreish and more silky smooth than you'd expect. I can imagine eating it with some really good Italian breadsticks or on crusty bread. It definitely wouldn't take me long to get through a jar!' 

Sarah, Digital Marketing Assistant

Maison Bremond Organic Hazelnut, Milk And Salted Butter Caramel Chip Spread 220g

'This is the spread of my dreams. I'm taking the jar home and drizzling it over my morning porridge. Unlike other chocolate spreads I've tried it doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth but melts instead and is much more delicate - leaving you wanting more. And don't even get me started on how good the crunchy nut bits are!' - Helena, Digital Marketing Assistant 

'This is heaven in a jar' - Lilly, Buyer

Maison Bremond PGI Lavender Honey, 250g

'I loved Maison Bremond's products so much I couldn't pick one favourite. The lavender honey is just so reminiscent of all my childhood holidays to Provence and the local lavender shops. It's got a very delicate flavour as honey is very light and the lavender is just strong enough to leave you with a subtle floral aftertaste' 

Sarah, Digital Marketing Assistant

Recipes using Maison Bremond's Products

Goats Cheese Crepe

Goat's Cheese and Chestnut Honey Tart

Made with pistachio pesto, parmesan and chargrilled courgette, this dish celebrates the simplicity of a paired back dish made with high-quality ingredients.

Courgette and Pesto Pasta

Pistachio Pesto and Courgette Pasta

Made with pistachio pesto, parmesan and chargrilled courgette, this dish celebrates the simplicity of a paired back dish made with high-quality ingredients

Honey and Almond Tart

Lavender Honey and Almond Tart

When baked the honey and almond filling caramelise to produce a fudge-like texture that pairs beautifully with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of crème fraiche

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