How To Make Chilli Flakes - A Step-by-Step Guide

Ever wondered about making your own chilli flakes at home? Not only will it give you guaranteed maximum freshly-made flavour, you can also customise your chilli flakes to the exact type of chill you like most.

In this guide, we'll take you through the simple process of making your own chilli flakes in your own kitchen. All you need to get started are your favourite type of dried chillies…

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Why make your own chilli flakes?

Making chilli flakes in your own kitchen offers a range of benefits beyond just convenience. It can be quite cost-effective, but more importantly it allows you to tailor the heat level to your liking. By making your own chilli flakes, you can control the intensity of the spice. 

And even have some fun by blending different varieties of chillies into a bespoke chilli flake mix. 

Whether you prefer a mild kick or an inferno of heat, homemade chilli flakes put you in the driver's seat!

Plus, the satisfaction of making something from scratch always makes the eating a little more enjoyable.

What do you need to make chilli flakes?

To start, you need to prepare these short ingredient list and a few kitchen essentials:

With these ingredients and tools, you're well-equipped to dive into the world of homemade chilli flakes.

Steps to make chilli flakes

1. Select and prepare your chilies

Begin by choosing your preferred dried red chilli peppers. Remove stems and seeds for a milder flavour or leave them for an extra kick. This is where you might also want to combine different chilli varieties.

2. Blend or grind

dried chillies in a blender

Once dried, use a blender or spice grinder to pulse the chilies until they reach your desired flaky consistency. Experiment with the blending time to control the flake size.

We really like the Skeppshult grinder. You’ll need to roughly chop or tear your dried chillies into thumb-sized pieces before they will fit. But then you can mill them down to a fine flake, by twisting the grinder.

If you don’t want to use a grinder, you can also break the chillies into flake sizes by simply putting them into a plastic bag. Then roll the bag with a rolling pin, and manually break down the chillies using your hands.

You might also want to roughly chop any larger flakes with a large knife - if there are any that are larger than you’d like.

chilli flakes in a grinder

3. Sift for perfection

For an even texture, manually sift the ground flakes to separate any coarse bits, leaving you with a uniform and delightful chilli flake experience. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after touching chillies - and don’t touch your eyes or face after handling them. 

chilli flakes in an airtight container

4. Store and enjoy

Transfer your homemade chilli flakes to an airtight container, ready to sprinkle over pizzas, pastas, ramen, noodles or 

By following these uncomplicated steps and considering your texture preferences, you'll soon have a batch of signature chilli flakes. Friends and family will be asking for your secret in no time!

Which chillies should I use to make flakes?

Tajin Ancho Chilli, 75g

Ancho chillies are dark, dried chillies that are used in many Mexican and Southwestern US dishes. They have a sweet and smoky flavour with a mild to medium heat.

Dried Chipotle Chillies, 40g

Chipotle chillies are made from smoke-dried jalapeño chillies, which bring medium-hot spicy and a delicate smokiness.

Cool Chile Co Whole Pasilla Chillies, 50g

Whole pasilla chillies bring a rich warmth to Mexican dishes, and slow-cooked beef stews.

Tajin Arbol Chilli, 75g

Dried arbol chillies are long and thin with a fierce heat that can be up to 12 times hotter than a jalapeño. They are commonly used in Mexican cooking to add heat and colour to hot sauce and chilli con carne.

How to store chilli flakes

Ensure the longevity of your homemade chilli flakes. Here's a quick guide:

  • Cool and dry

Store your chilli flakes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This prevents moisture absorption, maintaining their fiery flavour.

  • Airtight container

Transfer the chilli flakes to an airtight container to shield them from air exposure. This step is crucial in preserving their potency and preventing any unwanted clumping.

  • Avoid heat

While chilli flakes love to add heat to your dishes, they don't enjoy it themselves. Keep them away from heat sources like stovetops or ovens to retain their original punch.

  • Check regularly

Periodically inspect your chilli flakes for any signs of spoilage, such as discoloration or an off smell. Freshness is key to ensuring your culinary creations pack the perfect punch.

Best recipes with chilli flakes

Slow Roasted Peppers With Chilli, Lemon & Garlic Beans

Slow Roasted Peppers With Chilli, Lemon & Garlic Beans

Elevate roasted peppers by adding a sprinkle of your homemade chilli flakes for a zesty, spicy twist. Paired with lemon and garlic beans, it's a burst of Mediterranean-inspired goodness.

Smoky Chipotle Chilli Rarebit Recipe

Smoky Chipotle Chilli Rarebit Recipe

Transform your classic rarebit into a smoky, spicy delight by incorporating your homemade chilli flakes. The smokiness of chipotle and the heat of chilli flakes create a flavour explosion on toast.

Mexican Chilli Carnitas Recipe

Mexican Chilli Carnitas Recipe

Spice up your carnitas with the bold kick of homemade chilli flakes. The intense heat complements the richness of slow-cooked pork, delivering an authentic Mexican culinary experience.

Facing Heaven Chilli Oil Noodles Recipe

Facing Heaven Chilli Oil Noodles Recipe

Infuse your noodle dishes with the fiery goodness of homemade chilli flakes. Create a tantalising chilli oil to drizzle over noodles, bringing depth and heat to each savoury bite.

Mexican Breakfast Eggs Recipe With Red Jalapeño Chilli

Mexican Breakfast Eggs Recipe With Red Jalapeño Chilli

Kickstart your morning with a spicy twist by adding homemade chilli flakes to your Mexican-inspired breakfast eggs. The red jalapeño chilli adds colour and a delightful heat to your morning routine.

Uses of Homemade Chilli Flakes

Your homemade chilli flakes aren't just a one-trick spice. Unleash their fiery potential in various culinary creations with these simple ideas:

Spicy Popcorn

Upgrade your movie night with a bowl of spicy popcorn. Toss it with melted butter and a sprinkle of chilli flakes for a snack that's both savoury and spicy.

Infused oils

Create your own chilli-infused oil by mixing homemade chilli flakes with olive oil. Drizzle it over dishes for an instant flavour boost.

Boost broths and noodles

Turn up the heat in your broths and noodle dishes by adding chilli flakes. It's a quick way to infuse warmth and intensity into comforting bowls of goodness.

Stir into sauces

Enhance the depth of your pasta or marinara sauces by stirring in a pinch of homemade chilli flakes. It brings a subtle heat that lingers, tantalising your taste buds.

Season roasted vegetables

Transform ordinary roasted vegetables into an extraordinary side dish by seasoning them with a dash of your homemade chilli flakes. The heat complements the caramelization, creating a mouthwatering blend.

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