Spice Grinders



Spice Grinders

A spice grinder is a time-saving kitchen tool designed for pulverising whole spices, seeds, garlic, salt, and herbs into fine powders or pastes. 

Which spice grinder should I buy?

The most basic spice grinder is a pestle-and-mortar, but a spice grinder machine will do the job faster and more consistently.

Manual spice grinders tend to feature a rotating handle that allows users to control the grinding process, offering precision and customisation. 

Most of us have a pepper mill in our kitchens – but why not branch out and have a nutmeg mill as well? Or a whole row of mills for various spices and mixtures thereof?

Electric spice grinders simplify the process further by providing consistent and effortless grinding with the push of a button. 

They are typically equipped with various grinding settings to accommodate different spice textures, from fine to coarse, and can often handle wet mixtures like a curry paste or barbecue marinade.

Spice grinders enable the utilisation of whole spices, preserving their essential oils and flavours until the very moment they are used. You can also use them for freshly-ground coffee. They are essential for creating custom spice blends, whether for exotic curries, homemade spice rubs, or the perfect seasoning for meat, vegetables, and baked goods.