Cured & Smoked Egg Yolk Recipe

Smoked and salt cured egg yolk is an incredible umami rich seasoning. A little like hard cheese. And in fact, you can use it anywhere that you might use Parmesan. Simply grate the firm yolk directly over pasta, soups, steak or salads. It will reward you with feather-light shavings that add buttery richness, smoky depth, and wonderfully amplified 'egg' flavour. 
This recipe was created by our friends at Bradley Smoker.
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  • 12 egg yolks
  • salt
  • any herbs, spices or rubs to taste



  1. In a non-corrosive dish, such as a glass or Pyrex tray used for roasts, etc., fill nearly halfway with salt. Gently shake the tray to flatten-out the salt.
  2. Create evenly spaced indents in the salt using an egg.
  3. Over a large bowl, carefully separate each egg white from the yolk. Gently pour the yolks, one at a time, into each individual indent made in the salt tray.
  4. When tray is full, delicately cover with more salt until all yolks are covered. Place a lid or plastic covering over the tray and make room in the fridge for it to cure for a minimum of 5, or up to 7 days.
  5. Remove tray from fridge, and ever so carefully dig out the yolks, placing them on a plate or in a medium sized bowl. You will then need to rinse them in cool water.
  6. Pat dry and place on your rack, then put the yolks in the smoker at 60°C for 4 hours with your choice of Bisquettes. Maple or Alder would do nicely.
  7. Check one of the yolks after the 4 hour mark, and just ensure that the center is hard to the touch. If it is, they are done. If not, put them back in the Smoker and check every half hour or so until done.
  8. When cooled, place in an air-tight container and keep in the fridge for up to 3 months. 
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Cured & Smoked Egg Yolk Recipe


  • Perfect to grate over steak

    Nekai on

  • Perfect to grate over steak

    Nekai on

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