Best Leftover Panettone Recipes

At Sous Chef, we think panettone is most delicious eaten fresh! And your panettone will last a long time, if stored in an airtight container unopened.

But if yours has passed its best - or perhaps you've been gifted one too many? Here are the best uses for leftover panettone - with our ultimate guide to leftover panettone recipes.


What to do with leftover Panettone

Leftover panettone doesn't need to go to waste; instead, it's an opportunity to whip up simple and delicious desserts! You can transform those extra slices into a delightful array of treats. Some of our suggestions are:

One of our suggestions is to make a leftover panettone tiramisu is a classic option that requires minimal effort. Just layer panettone slices with coffee-infused mascarpone for a twist on the traditional Italian favorite.

If you're in the mood for warm comfort, opt for leftover panettone bread pudding – a straightforward mix of cubed panettone, eggs, milk, and sugar, baked to golden perfection.

For a golden, syrupy masterpiece, explore our leftover panettone treacle tart recipe. Enjoy experimenting with these easy ideas to make the most of your surplus panettone.

How long does Panettone last?

Wondering about the lifespan of your panettone? No worries; it's surprisingly resilient.

If stored correctly - sealed in an airtight container - panettone remains a delightful treat for several weeks. To maximize freshness, ensure your panettone is stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

But you can also extend panettone's life by turning it into a new treat!

Turn any leftovers into delightful French toast or a panettone bread pudding, adding a touch of Christmas flavour to your breakfast or dessert table.

So, don't rush to bid farewell to your panettone just yet – it has more to offer than you might think.

Recipes for leftover Panettone

Leftover Panettone Tiramisu

leftover panettone tiramisu

Leftover panettone becomes the star of the show in our individual panettone tiramisu pots. Layers of panettone soaked in coffee and layered with a velvety mascarpone mixture create a dessert that's both elegant and easy to assemble. Check out our recipe for a delightful twist on the classic tiramisu.

Leftover Panettone Bread Pudding Recipe

Leftover Panettone Bread Pudding

Elevate your leftover panettone with our easy panettone bread and butter pudding. This comforting dessert combines the rich flavours of panettone with the indulgent goodness of a traditional bread pudding. Discover the simple steps to transform your surplus panettone into a warm and satisfying treat.

Leftover Panettone Treacle Tart Recipe

Explore a unique twist with our panettone treacle tart recipe. The combination of panettone's sweet notes and the rich flavour of treacle creates a dessert that's both nostalgic and innovative. Try this recipe to make the most of your leftover panettone in a delightful treacle tart creation.

For a selection of high-quality panettone options and our buyer's guide on Panettone, explore our Panettone collection.


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