Looking for something a little different for Mother’s Day this year? Treat Mum to a beautiful bottle of olive oil, a piece of unusual tableware, or a cookbook she’ll cherish along with essential ingredients to make those signature recipes. 

These are the best food gifts for any mother who loves cooking, eating and trying new ideas in the kitchen!

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10 great Mother’s Day gifts

Himalayan salt block cooking gifts set

This stunning set with a cookbook and two salt plates is a must-have for inquisitive cooks and people who love to entertain. The cookbook Salt Block Cooking and a accompanying two salt plates provide everything needed to start exploring the world of salt block cooking. 

Abstract Enamel Display Dish, 30cm

Brighten any kitchen or dining room with this stunning enamel display dish. The bright, popping colours make a fantastic backdrop for a rainbow of fruits including pomegranate, grapes, lemons or dark plums. With its brass effect rim and sunshine colours, this unusual dish is the perfect gift to celebrate a special mum.

Japanese Ramen Bowl Set

A fantastic set, including two ramen bowls decorated in traditional Japanese blue wave pattern, two ramen ladles and a recipe booklet, wrapped up in a stylish Sous Chef cotton gift bag. Plus, you can spend an evening making ramen together and enjoy some quality time cooking with your mum!

Springerle & Speculaas Biscuit Roller

Is your mum a star baker? Surprise her with this springerle and speculaas biscuit roller which makes traditional German and Dutch biscuits. The classic recipe is made with ground anise, and some modern recipes recommend using a little lemon zest in the dough too. The roller features 12 different designs of birds, flowers, berries, squirrels and prestigious buildings.

Cypress & Copper Hangiri Sushi Barrel

If you’re looking for a really imaginative gift, how about a cypress wood sushi barrel, ringed with copper? It’s an essential tool for making seriously good sushi, and used to cool the rice evenly, while absorbing excess liquid. This will give you fantastically sticky, malleable results. Cypress wood is renowned for its absorption qualities, beautiful natural scent and natural antibacterial properties. It looks beautiful on your sideboard, too!

The Edible Atlas Cookbook Set

The Edible Atlas Cookbook Set is the perfect gift for intrepid cooks and mums who love globetrotting. We've paired Mina Holland's book with 8 difficult-to-find ingredients, to recreate dishes from different global cuisines. Weaving snippets of anecdote, history and literature in with recipes and words of wisdom from some of the world's most seasoned food experts, The Edible Atlas is as comfortable in the kitchen as it is at your bedside or in your rucksack.

White Truffle Oil

White truffles are loved for their musky aroma and shallot-garlic notes. The heady oil is an indulgent way to finish simple risotto bianco, or to drizzle over delicate white fish. This white truffle oil is produced in Acqualagna, the home of Italy's truffle market, by Marini & Azzolini who have been collecting and producing truffle products for over 50 years, and makes a great gift for any mother who takes pride in her store cupboard ingredients.

Filt String Bag in Red, White & Blue

A fun little present to give your mum with your card this year, this stylish string shopping bag is made using traditional French knotting techniques. They pack down very tightly, so you can keep it on you and always say no to a plastic bag. Plus, the rustic string bag is this year’s must-have accessory!

Frantoio Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rainbow Tin

Frantoio Muraglia extra virgin olive oil in a rainbow tin is a fine Italian olive oil in a decorative tin. The eye-catching design with intensely fruity olive oil inside makes a great gift or part of a hamper. Or just something lovely to have on your kitchen table!

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