6 New Ingredients You Probably Haven't Tried

From blue Maseca corn flour to fermented plum paste, here are some of the more unusual ingredients you'll want to try this year. Updated with new arrivals in 2019!

Naturelo Blue Masa Harina, 1kg

Now you can make blue corn tortillas! The blue cornflour isn't just a different colour to normal masa harina, it also has a different flavour. Serve blue tortillas Mexican streetfood style with cuitlacoche & courgette or squash flowers. 

Maggie Beer Verjuice

Made from the juice of unripe and unfermented grapes, this verjuice is sweet and floral, with a very gentle acidity - use when lemon juice or vinegar might be too tart. This makes the verjuice a great ingredient for deglazing pans, or introducing a little acidity to cut through a rich sauce.

A favourite of Modernist chefs, N-Zorbit lets you make instant ‘soils’. It’s famous as an ingredient in kombu, anchovy & grapeseed oil sand for Heston Blumenthal’s Sound of the Sea. Though perhaps start off with making peanut butter powder, or olive oil soil.

Sichuan Peppercorn Oil - Prickly Oil, 210ml

China’s Sichuan pepper gives your mouth an icy ‘prickle’ sensation – and this infused oil intensifies it! Drizzle over Chinese dishes, experiment with a tiny dash over seafood, or even shaken in a cocktail.

Umeboshi Paste, 100g

Japan’s umeboshi plums bring a salty sour kick to your cooking. So loved in Japan, they were eaten to restore a Samurai’s strength after battle. During the day, we add a dot of umeboshi paste to onigiri rice balls. And in the evenings we love a dash stirred into a gin Collins cocktail.

Peri Peri Crunchy Roasted Crickets, 15g

Yes, insects are edible. And with a staggering 69% protein, you could say these crickets are a superfood! Sprinkle over tacos or guacamole, or even carrots with hummous a wholesome snack.

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