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Hashi: A Japanese Cookery Course is one of the best introductions to Japanese cuisine, with easy-to-follow recipes, helpful photography, and an extensive ‘forward’ providing instruction on traditional Japanese equipment, utensils, store cupboard ingredients and fresh ingredients.

The first three chapters are split into ‘basics’, ‘beginners’ and ‘home cooks’ – with the latter half of the book stepping things up a notch with ‘gourmet dishes’, ‘sushi’ and ‘dessert’. Hashi challenges any preconceptions that Japanese food consists solely of sushi and sashimi, as recipes span traditional techniques such as tempura, tamago-yaki rolled omelettes and gyoza dumplings.  Soups, salads, noodle dishes, a katsu curry and even a Japanese beef and potato stew feature amongst other recipes in this superb book.

This Japanese cooking kit includes some key ingredients so that you can get started straight away. The kit includes a pack of dashi powder – the traditional Japanese stock, taking its flavour from seaweed and dried bonito flakes. It’s used in everything from broths to marinades to dressings, and is an important Japanese store cupboard ingredient. Other key flavours in this Japanese starter kit are miso and mirin (sweet rice wine), and sesame oil which help create distinctive Japanese tastes that can’t be replicated with substitute ingredients.

Wakame seaweed and shiitake mushrooms can quickly and easily be rehydrated for soups, salads and sides. And the packet of white sesame seeds provide the all-important garnish for salads and noodle dishes. Finally, the hashi cooking chopsticks are a traditional cooking implement – with the long-handled chopsticks being used to fry food, toss salads, stir sauces and tempura food. 

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