Wholewheat Flour



Wholewheat Flour

Wholemeal or wholewheat flour is becoming the choice flour for baking more frequently. It offers plenty of benefits that you can’t get with white flour, but it’s important to learn what and how is best to bake with it, so you don’t end up wasting ingredients or time.

Replacing all-purpose flour with wholemeal flour is often a popular choice as it is seen as a healthier option. It is made by grinding the entire wheat kernel, including the bran and germ. This results in whole grain flour that contains more fibre, protein and nutrients than white flour. The flavour of whole wheat can be different from white flour because it retains some of its natural nutty flavour.

How to bake with wholewheat flour 

Baking with whole wheat flour does require a few adjustments to your recipe. Firstly, you'll need an extra egg or two in order to make up for the lack of gluten found in white flour. Additionally, you will need to add more fat to create a more tender crumb.