Salad & Serving Bowls



Salad & Serving Bowls

One of the joys of eating is the way that it brings people together, and the epitome of this is serving your meal ‘family style’, with an array of dishes in various serving bowls from which your guests (or your family) can help themselves. 

Which serving bowl should I buy?

  • Serving bowls come in all sorts of materials, including glass, ceramic, wood, and metal, each with its own style.
  • Salad bowls tend to have a wide, shallow design, allowing for easy tossing of salad ingredients. 
  • Soup tureens are deeper and squatter in order to keep the soup hot for longer, while other serving bowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Fruit bowls, as centuries of still life paintings have taught us, have an appeal all of their own. They give a bountiful and healthy look to a table or kitchen.