Rose Water



Rose Water

With its intense perfume and floral and sweet flavour, rose water is a key ingredient in Middle Eastern and South Asian sweets and makes a heady addition to savoury dishes like biryani and galouti kebabs.

How to use rose water?

A little goes a long way with rose water, so it’s always advisable to add it in small amounts to avoid soapiness. From baklava and gulab jamun to Turkish delight and Persian love cake, just a few drops of water transform the humdrum into something special. 

  • Try it in custards, rice pudding and ice creams 
  • Scent whipped cream for pavlovas and trifles
  • Add it to tagines and braised meats for floral sweetness 
  • Or add to harissa chicken or tofu with couscous
  • Try it in cocktails and mocktails 
  • Or spritz it in the air or on laundry to keep your home and clothes beautifully fragrant