Quince & Fruit Paste



Quince & Fruit Paste

Quince paste, and other fruit pastes, are a delicious addition to any cheeseboard. The quince is a fragrant, golden fruit with a tough outer skin and a tart, astringent taste when raw. 

When cooked, it transforms into a fragrant, rosy-hued delicacy with a sweet and floral flavour. Other fruits such as fig, gooseberry and even guava are just as delicious in a similar role.

Membrillo is a concentrated preserve in Spanish cuisine, made by slowly cooking quince pulp with sugar until it reaches a thick, jelly-like consistency that can be sliced. 

Its sweet-tart contrast makes it pair wonderfully with cheese, but it will serve just as well on charcuterie boards, where its sharpness complements the richness of cured meat. It's equally delightful when spread on toast or used as a filling in pastries.