Pine Nuts



Pine Nuts

Pine nuts, or pignoli as they’re referred to in their spiritual home of Italy, are the edible seeds of pine cones, primarily harvested from certain pine tree species such as the stone pine (Pinus pinea). These small, elongated seeds are prized for their delicate, buttery flavour and creamy texture, making them a versatile and sought-after ingredient.

How to use pine nuts in different recipes

  • Toasted pine nuts, in particular, are a culinary gem. 
  • The process of toasting pine nuts involves dry-roasting them in a pan or oven until they turn golden brown, releasing their aromatic oils and intensifying their nutty flavour. 
  • This extra step adds a delightful, earthy depth to the pine nuts, enhancing their versatility and making them an essential component in many dishes.

Toasted pine nuts are a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, where they are mashed up to form the nutty base of pesto, and are also used in salads and pilafs. 

Their versatility extends beyond Mediterranean dishes, as toasted pine nuts are also found in Middle Eastern, Asian, and even dessert recipes. They can be incorporated into pastries, or just sprinkled on top of ice cream to add both flavour and visual appeal.