Mixed Herbs



Mixed Herbs

Mixed herbs are a convenient culinary seasoning containing a balanced combination of dried herbs. Mixed herbs offer a quick and easy way to infuse dishes with a medley of flavours. 

How to use mixed herbs?

Mixed herbs are ideal for seasoning sauces, soups, stews, and various meat and vegetable preparations. 

They can be used as part of a dry rub for barbecue, or as part of a stuffing. The blend enhances the depth and complexity of dishes, especially when fresh herbs are not readily available.

Mixed herbs are popular worldwide, but the exact herb blend in mixed herbs depends on where it’s from. 

Herbes de Provence will give a different collection of herbs to Italian mixed herbs. 

All sorts of herbs that dry well can be found in a blend: 

  • oregano, 
  • marjoram, 
  • basil, 
  • marjoram, 
  • rosemary, 
  • thyme… 

It’s always worth checking the label to find out what it is that’s making your recipe delicious.