Lodge Cast Iron Pans



Lodge Cast Iron Pans

American brand Lodge Cast Iron has been producing cast iron cookware since 1896. Based in Pittsburg, the family-run business uses an automated moulding process to create each piece of cookware. First, iron is heated to 2,000°C in the furnaces. Next comes the casting - a moulding machine creates up to 400 sand moulds per hour, then the liquified metal is poured into the mould. Once the cast iron has cooled, a conveyor shakes off the moulding sand to be recycled, then scrubs the cookware. Finally, each piece is given a deep clean.

The joy of Lodge’s Blacklock cast iron cookware range is that each piece comes pre-seasoned. The final step of the process involves spraying each piece with soybean oil, then baking at a high temperature. This makes each piece ready to use straight away. 

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