Home Brew Kits



Home Brew Kits

Home brewing kits from the USA let you make your own beer with professional brewing equipment and ingredients - but on a smaller scale for your home! With these home brew starter kits you can make an IPA to enjoy every day, or even your own batch of the famous Punk IPA by Brewdog. Then pick up a refill mix of hops and grain and use your home brew kit again and again.

If beer isn't your thing, our range of kits from Brooklyn Brew Shop also let you make your own cider and even sparkling wine! 

What Equipment Do I Need For Home Brewing?

Most of the specialist equipment is included with the home brew kits. But before you start, make sure you have two large stock pots – one that holds approximately 4 litres, and another that holds approximately 6 litres – a funnel, a fine mesh strainer, some honey or other syrup, and something to bottle the beer in.

How Much Beer Does Each Kit Make?

Each Brooklyn Brew Shop home brewing kit makes approximately 4 litres of beer. 

How Long Does Home Brewed Beer Last For?

If you've sanitised all your equipment properly according to the instructions, your home brewed beer can last months or more! To make sure your beer lasts as long as possible, store the bottles upright in a dark, cool place.

Hoppy beers, like the IPAs these kits make, are best enjoyed within a few weeks of bottling while the flavours are at their best. But if you leave them for longer, don't panic! The beer should still be fine, though it will probably taste different to how you'd expect.

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