Flavour Pearls

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Flavour Pearls

With our range of ready-made flavoured caviar pearls, you don’t have to worry about how to make flavour pearls yourself! From balsamic vinegar to fruit juice and even chilli, you’ll find the flavour pearls you need for instant molecular gastronomy.

At Sous Chef you’ll find a variety of flavour pearls to buy in the UK. Like Christine Le Tennier’s Flavour Pearls in a range of fruity flavours, intensely flavoured olive oil caviar by Caviaroli from Spain, and catering size jars of balsamic caviar pearls by Defrutum from Italy. What’s more, almost all the flavour pearls are vegan.

Flavoured caviar pearls were invented by Ferran Adrià for his ground-breaking restaurant, elBulli. The pearls, or caviar, are made by encasing fruit juices, vinegar or oils in a delicate gel sphere using a process called spherification. The gel casing is formed from sodium alginate or agar agar, both gelling agents that come from seaweed. When you bite into them, the pearls pop in the mouth to release a burst of flavour.

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