Black Garlic



Black Garlic

Black garlic is smooth and mellow with a complex sweetness. Notes of sticky balsamic complement the subtle heat of white garlic. 

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You may be asking the question: what is black garlic and how is it made? Black garlic is  actually aged white garlic that has been fermented until dark, soft and sweet. You can eat black garlic on its own, or squeeze it into homemade aïoli. 

Try mixing it with butter to make garlic bread or mashing it to potatoes with butter and milk for extra special pommes purée.  or blend it into salad dressings, soups and even chocolate cake! 

Black garlic is a popular ingredient in Korea. Try it in Korean classics like bibimbap, kimchi and Jjajangmyeon. Our range includes whole bulbs, peeled cloves and paste for an easy umami hit that has twice the number of antioxidants of white garlic.