BBQ Tools



BBQ Tools

Barbecue tools, often referred to as BBQ tools or BBQ accessories, are handy utensils for outdoor cooking enthusiasts who relish the smoky flavours of barbecue cuisine. These tools are designed to make grilling and barbecuing a seamless and enjoyable experience.

A BBQ tools set might include some or all of the following:

  • A meat thermometer is a near-essential item for cooking meat safely. 
  • Long-handled tongs enable you to turn and pick up food from the grill. 
  • A long-handled spatula is good for flipping delicate items like burgers and fish fillets without breaking them. 
  • A grill brush: This tool is used to clean the grates, ensuring your grill is ready to go. 
  • A basting brush allows you to apply marinades and sauces to your food. 
  • A grill press enables you to squish your food down to ensure an even cook.
  • A marinade injector is essentially a giant food syringe used to inject moisture and flavour into meat. 
  • Grill gloves – along with all those long handles – let you avoid burning your hands!

Where to buy BBQ tools

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