top 8 summer drinks

Whether you fancy a margarita with a yuzu twist or a classic negroni we have got you covered with our top eight drinks for summer.

1. Infusions for Summer Cocktails 

flower syrup infusions

Try making your own infused sugar syrup with rose petals, hibiscus or even Sichuan peppercorns to add to your cocktails.

2. Hibiscus and Watermelon Agua Fresca

watermelon agua fresca

For an alcohol-free version, why not try using hibiscus to infuse a watermelon drink. Mix with fresh watermelon, mint, sugar and lime for a refreshing summer drink. Try mixing it with tonic or sparkling water if you want a longer drink.

3. Violet Gin and Tonic

violet gin and tonic

Our crystallised violet petals dissolve when mixed in the gin, so this recipe could not be easier. Simply add all the ingredients to the cocktail shaker, shake well and watch as your drink turns a vibrant blue.

3. Yuzu Margarita with Lime Fleur de Sel

yuzu margarita

Yuzu makes a great alternative to lime in this classic cocktail. You still get the strong citrus flavour but with a floral aroma. And the Madagascan fleur de sel is mixed with lime zest which adds an extra zing of flavour.

4. Funkin Peach Iced Tea 

peach iced tea

Peach iced tea is a classic summer drink and when made with Funkin's white peach puree it just got so much quicker to make. Made with no preservatives, flavours or additives, Funkin only use the best peaches from Italy and France to make their puree.

5. Coco Lopez Pina Colada 

pina colada

Nothing says summer like a little bit of coconut... And the very first pina colada was made using Coco Lopez's Cream of Coconut to show just how good their cream is. 

6. Classic Negroni 


There is an art to making the perfect negroni, not too bitter and not too sweet. Learn a little bit more about the history behind this classic drink and why it should always be stirred not shaken.

8. Verjuice


Verjuice is the juice of unripe and unfermented grapes, it's got a refreshing flavour that can be described as mildly sweet with a soft acidity. On a humid day it is great served on its own or with sparkling water. 

Feeling Inspired? Check out our range of summer cocktail ingredients


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