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We all have the foodie friend who is the first to buy the latest kitchen gadget, and it’s this person who already has everything that is the hardest to buy for. But don’t worry, we’ve got the gadget they don’t have yet!

Our gift guide to innovative, exciting and unique kitchen gadgets has something new for every foodie - covering every budget and cuisine from across the globe. 

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Camerons Stovetop Smoker, 28cm x 43cm

Hot smoking is the hottest food trend of the moment, and the Camerons Stovetop smoker is the secret to infusing food with bold, smoky flavour on in minutes. For a side of smoked salmon and sirloin steaks, to umami-rich tofu and chunky root vegetables, add the outdoor flavours of a smoky BBQ grill to food, all indoors on your stovetop. 

Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano

Anova’s Sous Vide brings the precision of a professional kitchen into your home. Not only does the Sous Vide Nano control the water temperature to the exact degree for the perfect cooking of your food, but it will also delight gadget lover even more as it connects to your phone via Bluetooth - control the cooking of your creations with the touch of a remote button and get a notification when your food is ready. 

Chef’n’Corn Stripper

You never need to buy tinned sweetcorn again with this nifty hand-held corn stripper. Add perfect kernels of fresh corn to salads, stews and soups in seconds - simply twist your corn cobs through this round device for an instant flurry of sweetcorn. It’s fun and colourful deisgn as a bright yellow corn cobette itself will put a smile on any recipients face. 

Tagliatelle Rolling Pin, 32cm

Become a pasta master with this tagliatelle rolling pin. A compact alternative option to a pasta-making machine, use this pasta rolling pin to achieve long strands of fresh tagliatelle pasta. Whether your favourite is Cacio e Pepe, rich lamb ragu or classic carbonara, serve up stunning bowls of homemade Italian artisan-style pasta with this unique utensil. 

Excalibur Dehydrator 9-Tray - With Timer

With a food dehydrator, you can make your own dried fruit, vegetable crisps and even beef jerky. This is the perfect gift for foodies who view the kitchen as a science lab and love any new kitchen project. Not only is this gadget a great way to get creative with your favourite ingredients, but it's also perfect for those with specialist diets or conscious about living a healthy lifestyle. 

Mexican Tortilla Press

Any Mexican food-lover knows the value of a proper authentic Mexican tortilla so treat them with the gift of making it themselves! This tortilla press has a traditional design that is simple and easy to use but with results that will impress at any Mexican feast. 

Gyoza Dumpling Set

Get perfect fried Japanese dumplings at home with this quick and easy gyoza kit - a perfect small gift or stocking filler for Japanese food lovers. Simply place a gyoza skin or dumpling wrapper inside the device, spoon your choice of filling itself and snap shut to produce perfect gyoza dumplings -  straight from a Tokyo restaurant. Fry, steam or add to soup & ramen - this is the perfect gift to upgrade Japanese cooking!  

Lemon Press - Mexican Elbow

The gadget for chefs and bartenders alike - this Mexican elbow lemon press has a sleek and simple design that makes squeezing the juice from lemons easier than ever. This is the gadget they will find themselves using more than they would ever expect - plus it looks elegant and timeless in any kitchen. 

Springerle & Speculaas Biscuit Roller

This Springerle & Speculaas biscuit roller is a fun rolling pin that gives you traditional German and Dutch biscuits in seconds. The roller features a host of intricate designs from birds to flowers, animals and famous buildings. Simply roll over traditional spiced biscuit dough and watch designs appear. ‘Destined to be a family heirloom’, this roller is innovative design used simply for stunning results. 

Skeppshult "SPICE" Cast Iron Grinder

This gadget is for chefs who are serious about spice. This spice grinder is made of solid cast iron that grinds down even the hardest of spices from peppercorns to cloves - simply tip in whole spices and twist the two halves together. Skeppshult use sand moulds to make their cast iron which can only be used once, meaning every product is unique. This makes gifting a grinder not only a piece of kitchenware that will last a lifetime but one with a personal touch. 

ProQ FlatDog Foldable & Portable BBQ

Take your gadgets into outdoor cooking with the ultimate savvy BBQ -  the foldable, portable and reusable ProQ Flatdog. A revolutionary design, this lightweight stainless steel BBQ flat-packs down to the thickness of a laptop, so you can easily transport it anywhere. It makes a perfect gift for chefs who cook beyond the kitchen - ideal for camping, hiking or trips to the beach.


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