The Buyer’s Guide to Aprons

Aprons are a practical piece of kitchen clothing, keeping you protected from spills and stains. Read our buyer’s guide to discover the different types of aprons, what makes a good kitchen apron, and which aprons are the best to buy.

What are the different types of aprons?

Aprons come in a number of styles. Half aprons are typically worn in the hospitality industry by front of house staff. They have front pockets for carrying notebooks, however they are not as practical to wear when cooking as they don’t protect the top half of your body.

There are two main styles designed for cooks. A traditional loop-neck apron has one loop that goes around the neck and two long strings for tying at the waist, while a suspender apron has a cross-over back.

The style of apron you choose depends on personal preference, and which one you’re more comfortable in. Some people prefer a cross-back as it doesn’t pull on the neck, while others prefer a traditional apron as you can adjust the straps to fit you. 

What makes a good kitchen apron?

A good kitchen apron should keep you protected during cooking, and feel comfortable to wear. Denim, leather and canvas are all durable materials that can be worn time and time again. A front pocket is a handy addition if you want to keep notepads or printed recipes with you in the kitchen. Some aprons come with carabiners, so you can keep utensils like tongs and spatulas close and keep your hands free. 

What are aprons made of?

Our range of aprons are made of leather, canvas, denim or cotton. Read on for the benefits of each:

  • Our leather aprons are finished in a transparent, dirt-repellent coating to keep them looking at their best. Plus, the leather will soften and develop a patina over time – the more you wear it, the better it will get.
  • Canvas aprons have a slight stretch, making them comfortable to wear no matter what the task.
  • Denim aprons are durable, providing great protection from heat and sparks.
  • A thick cotton apron is both hard-wearing and chic, ideal for when you’re both cooking and serving. 

Which is the best apron to buy?

Risdon & Risdon Denim Street Apron

Best handmade apron

Mother and sons – Carla, Alex & James – make aprons by hand in their workshop in Shropshire. With attention to detail, modern design, and a passion for traditional craftsmanship, these are the most beautiful aprons we’ve seen, each one handmade from tough denim.

Dutchdeluxes Leather BBQ Apron in Vintage Brown

Best apron for BBQ lovers

Handmade from 100% full grain leather, the Dutchdeluxes BBQ apron in vintage brown is the effortlessly stylish way to protect your clothes while you’re at the grill. It keeps your clothes safe from ash, sparks and spitting fat whether you’re outside or in the kitchen. 

Andree Jardin Grey Cotton Apron

Best apron for stylish cooks

Andree Jardin’s grey cotton apron is made from 100% cotton canvas. It’s hard-wearing, and looks wonderfully chic. The straps have a subtle striping in French tricolore colours, and adds an understated touch of style to the kitchen.

Dutchdeluxes Canvas Suspender Apron in Dark Blue

Best apron for every activity

The Dutchdeluxes canvas suspender apron in dark blue is a comfortable, stylish way to protect your clothes wherever you are – at home in the kitchen, working in a coffee shop, or messy activities with the kids. The fully adjustable straps and slight stretch in the canvas make it comfortable to wear all day long.

Dutchdeluxes Reversible Apron - Purple & Flower Field

Best reversible apron

The Dutchdeluxes reversible apron in purple & flower field gives you two eye-catching styles in one. One side is soft, plum-purple corduroy, and the other features a riot of red, white and peach-coloured flowers. Protecting your clothes from splashes and spills has never looked so good! 

Dutchdeluxes Leather Zipper Apron in Classic Brown

Best apron for a smart look

The Dutchdeluxes leather zipper apron in classic brown is so stylish and comfortable, you may never want to take it off. The mahogany-coloured leather seems to have its own inner glow and will make even a quick midweek dinner feel like a special occasion. 

Shop all aprons here, and get inspired with our recipe ideas here.


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