Ross' Top 5 Ramen Tips

How to make ramen? We speak to Ross Shonhan, founder of London's Bone Daddies' ramen bar, about his top 5 tips when it comes to making a great ramen.

1. Bones

If you’ve got old, roasted chicken bones in the freezer, chuck them in. There are no rules – just as long as it’s delicious. Boil up a chicken carcass with pigs’ trotters, or add a handful of dried fish.

2. Stock

French stocks are simmered to keep them clear. But the broths used for Japanese ramen should be boiled until they’re cloudy and opaque. Let the gelatine stick your lips together – that’s ultimately what you want from a good bowl of ramen.

3. Flavouring the broth 

Try stirring a little sesame paste, garlic and chilli into the broth for a style of ramen called a Tan Tan-Men, which is similar to Chinese Dan Dan. Simply adding soy is another great way to flavour the broth with – just decide what you’re going to use first, so you don’t keep on adding and over-complicating the flavours.

4. Topping

Chashu pork, spring onions and bean sprouts are all traditional toppings. There’s no need to stick to strict guidelines though. If there’s a leftover piece of salmon in the fridge, that makes a nice topping to a bowl of ramen too.

5. Nitamago (ramen egg)

There are no rules when it comes to ramen – just opinions. But I think every ramen should have a soft boiled egg in it. Up until recently, no ramen in London had an egg in it. But for me, it’s got to have an egg.

Ready to start making ramen? Try out our tonkotsu ramen recipe here, shop ramen ingredients here, or for more information about Ross and his ramen bar Bone Daddies, read all about it here.


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