Nam Phrik Kapi, An All-Purpose Thai Sauce Recipe

This sauce really isn't very much too look at, but don't be deceived. Since making it, there isn't a meal over the last few days that hasn't included a dash of this sauce. It has been stirred through noodles, added to a little leftover rice for breakfast, eating from the jar with a few pieces of raw veg and lettuce leaves, and used to dip chips in.

In theory, a jar should keep for a few months, yet I would be astounded if it lasts you much more than a couple of weeks.

Ingredients (Makes 1 x 500ml jar) Serves: 10


  1. Pour the oil into a pan and add the chopped shallots and garlic. Heat on a medium stove until simmering. Add the ground chillies, shrimp paste, and palm sugar - broken into pieces - and cook for 10 minutes. Do not allow the mixture to brown.
  2. Pour the mixture into a food processor, and add the tamarind and fish sauce. Process until smooth. Keep in a jar in the fridge.
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