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Pizza is fantastically easy to make at home. And for the very best results, it's worth considering a pizza oven. (Read food editor Holly Thomson's real-life review of the Woody pizza oven)

But if you don’t have a pizza oven - or an oven that will get hot enough - you can also make great pizza in a frying pan

In this guide, we'll walk through the essential tools for the perfect homemade pizza. And share a few favourite tools from the Sous Chef team. 

Armed with the right tools, you'll turn out perfect pizza for friends and family, every time!

Browse all pizza accessories here, or get cooking with Ursula Ferrigno's recipe for a classic Amalfi pizza.

Essential tools for making pizza dough

When it comes to perfect pizza, the foundation is everything – and that starts with the dough. You're aiming for great texture, and a well developed flavour from the yeast-risen dough.

De Buyer Stainless Steel Hemisphere Mixing Bowl

Large mixing bowl

You need a large enough mixing bowl to hold all your ingredients, of course. But it also needs to be large enough to contain your dough once its risen.

A stainless steel bowl is a good choice, because it's very easy to clean. 

Beech Wood Rolling Pin With Metal Axle

Rolling pin

Some purists might argue that dough should always be hand-stretched. But if a rolling pin makes it easier to achieve the right shape - then it's an essential tool! When making your dough bases, it's good to aim for a consistent shape, and as neat a circle as you can. That way the pizza is more likely to cook evenly.

The best tools for cooking pizza

When it comes to the art of pizza, getting the sauce and toppings just right is key. Plus moving the topped pizza into the oven.

Metal Pizza Peel, 65cm

Pizza peel

A pizza peel is really the only way to get a freshly topped pizza into an oven. The trick is to shape your dough base onto the peel itself, and top in situ. Make sure your peel is well floured. Then slip the ready-topped pizza into the oven. You don't want to be trying to shuffle a topped pizza from your worktop onto the peel - as it'll end in disaster!

Watch how to use a pizza peel perfectly here:

ProQ BBQ Pizza Stone Set, 40cm dia

Pizza stone or steel

These are your secret weapons for achieving a crispy, perfectly cooked base - with lovely well-risen air bubbles. Pizza stones absorb and distribute heat evenly, ensuring your pizza is baked to perfection every time.

Tools for serving pizza

When your pizza is ready, the right serving tools make sure you can serve it as quickly as possible - fresh from the oven.

Oxo Pizza Cutter Wheel

Pizza wheel or cutter

Quick and efficient, this tool is one of the best ways to slice pizza swiftly and neatly. Push down vertically while you slice, to make sure you cut through the entire pizza. 

Japanese Multi-Purpose Kitchen Scissors

Pizza scissors

Perhaps an unusual addition to our essential list. But food editor Holly Thomson says: "A pair of good pizza scissors is a great way to serve up fresh pizza quickly, in the absence of a pizza wheel. Plus, you always know you've cut the whole way through your pizza if you use scissors!"

Teakhaus Atlas Pizza Serving Board, Small

Pizza serving board or tray

A quick mention, but not to be underestimated. The right board or tray sets the stage for your pizza, whether you're going for a rustic vibe or a sleek, modern look.

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