How To Eat Ramen

Ramen is one of the most recognizable Japanese foods, but that doesn’t mean everyone eats it the same way. In fact, there are several different ways to eat ramen. This guide covers all the bases you need to know before digging into your next bowl of noodles.

Required Utensils 

  1. A set of chopsticks 
  2. A ramen ladle

Is it rude to eat ramen with a fork?

It may be considered rude to eat ramen with a fork if you are in a traditional setting or restaurant. This is because it is traditional to eat ramen with a set of chopsticks and a ramen ladle. However you can eat with a fork when you're at home if it's how you feel most comfortable. 

How To Eat Ramen

There are a number of ways to eat ramen, but the most important thing is to have both the noodles and the broth at the same time. Here is a brief step by step guide on how to successfully slurp your ramen;

  1. Hold your chopsticks in your dominant hand and then put the ramen ladle in your other.
  2. Take in the aroma of the ramen
  3. Mix the toppings and noodles together
  4. Pick up noodles with your chopsticks and ladle some broth in with your spoon.
  5. When you've finished eating the noodles slurp up the broth with your spoon.This ensures that one you have all the flavour of the noodles and broth in one bite.
  6. Next pick up some of the toppings with your chopsticks and eat those. Alternating between the noodles and toppings as you eat.
  7. When you’ve finished everything in the bowl, slurp the broth with your spoon. 
  8. Finally, place your chopsticks next to the bowl or on the rim but never in the bowl. This is because placing the chopsticks in the bowl is a funeral ritual and said to bring bad luck.

Do you bite your ramen noodles?

It is acceptable to bite your ramen noodles when you are slurping them up, as long as you don't drop them back in the broth. This is because they will splash you and make a mess. You also don't chew your noodles excessively as ramen is meant to be eaten whilst it is still hot and this enables you to eat faster. If you eat too slowly the noodles will cook more in the broth and absorb too much of the liquid. 


Slurping Ramen

Whilst slurping is considered impolite in a lot of Western countries, it is is actually encouraged when eating ramen. It helps to cool the hot noodles and broth, and it also allows you to fully enjoy the flavour of the dish whilst eating it quickly. It is also seen as a gesture of respect to the chef and shows that you are enjoying the food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you supposed to drink the broth in ramen?

You should drink the broth when eating the noodles and toppings as they are meant to be eaten together. But there are two schools of thought about whether or not you should drink the broth once you have finished the noodles. On one hand, people say it is polite to finish the broth as it took so long to cook. On the other hand, people say that the broth is meant to just be enjoyed as a compliment to the noodles and not by itself. 

Feeling Inspired? Have a look at our ramen ingredients page to make your own.


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