Cocktail In A Sphere: Mojito Spherification Recipe

Glasses are so last season - serve your pre-dinner cocktails in a sphere! These apple mojito spheres are made using reverse spherification, the preferred technique for liquids containing alcohol. Unlike basic spherification, the spheres can be made in advance and stored in water which is more convenient when entertaining.

The mojito liquid contains a mixture of classic mojito ingredients (mint, rum, lime and sugar) along with green apple puree which adds an extra dimension of bitter sweetness.

For more tips on reverse spherification, including the frozen reverse spherification technique, take a look at our article 6 Things You Need To Know About Reverse Spherification.

For the Mojito spheres Serves: 6

For the sodium alginate bath

  • 500ml bottled low-calcium water
  • 2.5g sodium alginate (0.5%)



  • Spherification spoon or melon scoop
  • 1tbsp measuring spoon

Method - to make the mojito mixture

  1. Begin by making the sodium alginate bath. Mix the water and sodium alginate in a food processor on full speed for 1 minute, until evenly dispersed.
  2. Transfer to a bowl, ideally a bowl with a flat bottom and perpendicular sides. Cover with cling film and let it rest in the fridge overnight.
  3. For the mojito spheres, muddle together the mint, rum, lime, apple puree, sugar, water and lime zest.
  4. Pass the mixture through a sieve and mix with the calcium lactate in a food processor on full speed for 1 minute.
  5. Add the xanthan gum, leave it to rehydrate on the surface for 1 minute and then mix in the food processor for a further minute.
  6. Refrigerate overnight to allow the air bubbles to disappear.
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Method - to make the spheres

  1. When you are ready to spherify, prepare a bowl with 200ml water for washing the spheres.
  2. Fill the measuring spoon with the mojito liquid and pour it into the sodium alginate bath. Place the spoon close to the surface of the bath and flip the spoon to pour it in.
  3. Try one sphere at a time to begin with. Cook the sphere for about 2 minutes, stirring with the spherification spoon.
  4. Use the spherification spoon to lift the sphere out of the bath and into the bowl of water prepared. Store them in this bowl and transfer to the plating dish once ready.
  5. Serve in canapé dishes, garnished with a sprig of mint.
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