Best Secret Santa Gifts for Foodies

Whether you are doing a Secret Santa in your workplace, with your friends or just for fun with family, the excitement of a mystery gift is one of the joys of this modern Christmas tradition. But what gift to buy your Secret Santa can be the more difficult part. 

We’ve collated some our favourite gifts for under £20 that will delight any food lover. No matter your recipient, these are gifts they will enjoy, and use well into 2023.

From the finest confectionary and chocolate producers to existing Italian twists on pantry essentials. Tableware to treasure and novelty food-themed gift classics to put a smile on anyone’s face. Whoever and however well you know your lucky Secret Santa, make your gift the one everyone wish they received! 

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Find our pick of the best Christmas food gifts here, or browse hundreds of gifts for chefs and food-lovers.

Francois Doucet Christmas In Provence Chocolates Box 270g

Francois Doucet are world-renowned chocolate and confectionery producers and this Christmas selection box is a treat for any chocolate love. Filled with chocolate covered roasted nuts, they combine rich chocolate with French flavours of nougat and vanilla, to coffee and almond. 

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Leone Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans Gift Box, 150g

Leone's chocolate coffee beans make a wonderful gift for chocolate lovers who like a bittersweet edge to their sweets and dessert. They won’t be able to stop picking at these individually foil-wrapped beans. Plus they come in a beautiful vintage-inspired tin to treasure and reuse long after the chocolate is gone.

Ichendorf Milano Squirrel Mug, 45cl

Secret Santa gifts are perfect for something fun and unique you may not always treat yourself too - and none do beautiful and charming better than Ichendorf Milano. Their glassware features cute and delightful blown glass characters both in and outside you beverage. A squirrel sits on top of the handle of this mug, to crack a smile every time you sip. 

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Everyone loves pizza - so why not gift a way to add it to everything? This pizza-flavoured olive oil really does taste like pizza. Add the rich flavours of tomato and basil to sauces, on bruschetta or toast, or drizzled over fresh pasta. Or just enhance the flavour of a perfect sourdough pizza itself! 

Loison Luxury Assorted Biscuit Tin 280g

A tin of biscuits is a classic that everyone loves so you can’t go wrong with a box of Loison’s finest French selection. This Biscuit tin contains chocolate and coffee biscuits, buttery shortbreads and crumbly polenta biscuits. Each one is rich with butter and melts in the mouth for a luxurious accompaniment to any afternoon tea or coffee. 

Wafu Cloth Wave Pattern Chopsticks and Spoon Set

These Wafu chopsticks and spoon are a practical and stylish gift to make sure you can always eat Japanese food on the go. Chopsticks for your sushi and a spoon for your ramen or miso soup. This set slots perfectly in even small bags. It makes a wonderful Secret Santa present they will actually use! 

Avocado Socks

Socks are a Christmas staple - so why not gift your secret Santa ones with some of their favourite food on! Sure to make anyone smile who receives them, these colourful and fun avocado socks are perfect for both adults and children.

Assorted Ravioli Stamp Set

This Ravioli stamp set is perfect to get anyone started making their own homemade pasta from scratch. Delicate ravioli parcels are a past dish sure to impress, and these stamps make them in perfect uniform shapes for all your guests (and yourself) to be delighted buy. This set includes a square, a circle and heart. 

Alpenzu Aosta Valley Fondue & Burner, 230g

The Alpenzu cheese fondue set is the perfect way to gift more than just a product, but a memory. This cheese fondue and burner makes a wonderful date or dinner party treat, or is perfect for a cosy night in. The cheese fondue sauce is made with Fontina PDO cheese, with a sweet, mellow and exclusively produced in the Alpine mountains. 

Sakura Blossom Matcha Bowl, 12.8cm

This bowl is a beautiful way to serve your morning matcha. Perfect for matcha lovers or to encourage them to try the beloved Japanese tea themselves. It also makes a wonderfully versatile piece of tableware to treasure and display. 

You're My Jam Bauble Tree Decoration

A fun foodie bauble with a charming message of affection makes a heart-warming secret Santa gift. This food tree decoration is beautifully crafted in the shape of a vintage-style red jam jar. What better gift that helping them with some festive decorating. 

Sous Chef Gift Card

From unusual ingredients from far-flung places, to stunning cookware used in some of the world’s top kitchens – there’s something for all tastes and techniques at Sous Chef.

The gift card is available in denominations of £25, £50, £100 and £200. The voucher works like shop credit so you don't have to use it all in one go.  The voucher is valid for a year after purchase.

The sourdough starter bauble tree decoration is the essential gift to get any sourdough master and budding bread maker! This tiny jar of bubbling yeast is the ultimate food tree decoration to make your Christmas tree a talking point.  

This sourdough starter bauble is the perfect fun stocking filler or small gift. Hang on the tree or in your kitchen to delight year round. Mix and match with other food tree decorations to celebrate all your favourites. 

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