5 Cakes We Wish They'd Make On The Great British Bake Off

We've had Roman coliseums, edible vegetable gardens and even a dalek cake. Yet true to form the Great British Bake Off always leaves us wanting more. There are still 7 episodes of the Bake Off left this season and we're secretly hoping one of the bakers will make one of these incredible show stoppers in the weeks to come...

1) Louboutin Stiletto Cake by Milli's Kitchen


It's not every day your eyes play tricks like this - yes this Louboutin stiletto is actually a cake! Event caterer and cake designer extraordinaire, Milli Taylor, proves you can have both style and substance. The details on the shoe are made with gum paste and the shoe box is a lemon sponge, soaked in syrup with a buttercream and lemon curd filling. We asked Milli what was the most challenging part of making the cake - "I find the difficulty in sculpting cakes is not in the work but in the waiting. To create something like this takes time, because all the pieces need to firm up and dry to support the next piece that lies on top of it. I don't like to use hidden supports, or anything that isn't edible." Mary Berry insists that every element of a cake is edible, so this is surely music to her ears!

2) Bleeding Heart Cake by Lily Vanilli

This red velvet layer cake with red fondant icing and lashings of red food colour really brings new meaning to the phrase 'eat your heart out'! Cake designer, Lily Vanilli, first designed this gory cake for a zombie-themed baking book and has since made it for all sorts of occasions, including the wedding of two young doctors. We're not sure it's Mary Berry's cup of tea but Paul Hollywood would surely appreciate the artistry...

3) Russian Snowstorm Cake By Café Pushkin

As fans of the flocking technique we'd love to see one of GBBO's contestants attempt a velours, cocoa butter finish on one of their cakes. This pearly white flocking on Café Pushkin's showstopper is created using a chocolate spray gun but the same effect can be created at home with the help of  a can of white velvet spray.

4) Dagwood Sandwich Cake By Studio Cake  

Cake designer, Beth Ann Goldberg, created this immense 4-tier Dagwood sandwich cake complete with 'sweet' ham, meats, olive, lettuce, cheese, gherkin and a scattering of crisps. With cake height and ambition highly prized by the judges, we can't wait to see which contestant will reach new heights in this series of the Bake Off.

5) Exploding Jelly Cake By Bompas & Parr  

'Architectural foodsmiths' Bompas & Parr now offer a detonation service for wedding cakes and jellies. A trained explosive technician will lay charges within your wedding cake which the bride and groom can detonate at the climax of the evening to surprise their guests. Can you imagine the look on Paul and Mary's faces? We can just imagine Sue and Mel diving to catch the exploding cake, mouths wide open.


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