19 Food Gifts for Chefs Who Have Everything

We all have that person to buy for who already has everything, and foodies and chefs are some of worst culprits! They are so passionate about cooking their favourite dishes, they often have everything they need. But if you have a food lover who is hard to buy for, don’t worry! If you’re looking for unique and exciting gifts to excite the chef in your life, we have got you.

Find our pick of the best Christmas food gifts here, or browse hundreds of gifts for chefs and food-lovers.

We’ve compiled a list of 19 gifts from our huge range that will delight any food lover or cook - and there is definitely something they don’t already have!

Choose from kitchen utensils and gadgets for new cooking experiments to unique ingredients and new flavours from around the world. These useful food gifts will make any chef smile!

Camerons Stovetop Smoker, 28cm x 43cm

If they haven't tried hot smoking at home yet, this is the perfect gift. It is the cooking trend taking the world by storm. The Cameron Smoker is TV chef’s secret to hot smoked food in minutes. Easy, quick and all on the convenience of your stove top - get them started with one of these 

Cypress & Copper Hangiri Sushi Barrel

This is the perfect gift for sushi lovers. An essential in Japanese cooking, Hangiri barrels are used to cool sushi rice evenly and absorb excess moisture for the perfect sticky texture. This barrel is essential to take any Japanese food lover’s homemade sushi to the next level. 

Round Cane Banneton

A banneton, or a traditional cane proving basket, is a brilliant gift for budding bakers. After shaping the bread dough, place it upside down in the round cane banneton or proving basket for its final rise. When dusted with flour, the banneton will create a classic spiral pattern on the loaf's surface - most often seen on sourdough loave

Chef'n corn Stripper

This kitchen gadget gives you perfect, whole fresh corn kernels in seconds! Not only is this a useful and practical kitchen utensil, it is equally fun to use. Plus, designed to resemble a bright yellow corn cobette, it will put a smile on the face of anyone who receives it and uses it!

MouTai Chun 1998 Baijiu 53%, 500ml

A great gift for any self-proclaimed mixologist is a new addition to their drinks cabinet - and Bajiu is one they might not have yet! An alcoholic spirit that is so frequently drunk in China, it outsells all other spirits across the world… and yet it's relatively unheard of in the west. It has such a spectrum of unique flavours, it is one that needs to be tried! A perfect and exciting gift to enjoying together.

Read Our Complete Guide To Baijiu

Deluxe Blue Glaze Sake Set with Sake

A beautiful kitchen piece to treasure for loves of Japanese rice wine, this sake set makes a gorgeous gift. The set includes one traditionally shaped ceramic sake flask, four matching cups, and a bottle of Ozeki Junmai sake – from one of Japan’s best-loved sake producers. It is also a great introduction to anyone starting out with their Sake tasting journey. 

Read Our Buyer’s Guide to Sake to learn more 

A challenge every chef faces is how to transport food safely and securely, so they can eat dishes on the go as fresh as when they were first cooked. Elephant Box offers a solution in sustainable style. Their stainless steel lynch boxes are lightweight, compact and durable. With individual inserts and compartments, they help keep food separate and fresh

Shop all Japanese Chef Knives here 

Fiasconaro x Dolce & Gabbana Mandorle Di Sicilia Panettone 1kg

A collaboration between renowned Italian panettone makers, Fiasconaro, and the cult Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana - these panettones are the perfect gift. Plus you can’t go wrong with gifting cake! And an Italian panettone is the ultimate slice of Christmas indulgence. 

Shop all Panettone here 

Mexican Tortilla Press

The perfect gift for a Mexican food lover is the fun of making homemade tortilla’s from scratch. This cast iron Tortilla press has a traditional design for the most authentic tortillas. Simple and easy to use, all you just as press a ball of dough between the two parchment-lined sides and a perfect round tortilla appears! 

The Luxury Sous Chef Gift Hamper

Each themed around one cuisine, every hamper is a culinary delight. There's nothing quite like creating a pile of new and exciting ingredients to cook up a feast with over the new year. So send a gift that evokes shared memories of holidays abroad, or simply treat yourself. 

Sous Chef Gift Voucher

Can’t decide, but know they will find everything their heart desires from our huge range? We are both physical and digital gift cards so your loved ones can choose themselves! Ingredients, cookware, tableware - or all three!


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