Verjus du Perigord


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Origin: France
SKU: EN0079
Size: 750ml
Cuisine: France
Minimum Shelf Life: 1 year
Also known as: Verjuice, ab-ghooreh


Verjus du Perigord is a sweet and floral grape 'vinegar', with a very gentle acidity. The condiment has its origins in medieval France, and is most used in traditional French cooking when lemon juice or vinegar might be too tart. Verjus is a shortening of the French words vert jus - literally green juice. It is made from the juice of unripe and unfermented grapes. 

Use verjus du Perigord to make a crisp dressing for oysters with finely diced shallots, cracked black pepper, and finely diced Fuji apples - or any other red-skinned, crisp & sweet apple variety. You can even add a splash to a homemade hollandaise to serve with crab and other shellfish.

Verjus is ideal for deglazing pans, or introducing a little acidity to cut through a rich sauce. The unripe grape juice is also delicate enough to use on its own as a salad dressing, or add a splash to mushroom, fish or roasted poultry dishes.

This product is natural and unfiltered, so the presence of sediment is normal.

Ingredients: pure juice of green grapes from Perigord.

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