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'Whosoever says truffle, utters a grand word, which awakens erotic and gastronomic ideas.' The renowned gastronome, Brillat-Savarin, was quite the truffle pig. In his honour Sous Chef have put together a collection of luxurious truffle products that would have him salivating in his grave. 

This truffle pig gift set would make the perfect indulgent present for mushroom lovers and an exuberant treat to use in recipes all year round. These delightful truffle products are produced in Acqualagna, the home of Italy's truffle market, by Marini & Azzolini who have been collecting and producing truffle products for over 50 years:

Acacia honey with truffle
Truffle honey is a delicious condiment made from amber-coloured acacia honey, infused with slivers of real truffle. The intense aromas of truffle honey go particularly well with ricotta and blue cheeses. Truffle-flavoured honey has a savoury richness which means it’s also delicious drizzled over grilled meats and savoury bourekas.

White truffle oil 
White truffle oil’s intense aromas are a great way to finish a dish and lace it with complex, earthy flavours. White winter truffles (tuber magnatum pico) are collected between October and December, and known for their musky aroma and shallot-garlic notes. Try drizzling a small amount of the white truffle oil on risottos, fish and carpaccio.

Grappa Liqueur with truffle
Grappa is one of Italy's favourite digestifs, and this grappa with truffle is no exception. The grape brandy is produced from grape must, and has a delicate raisin aroma, and gentle rounded warmth from the truffle. 

Taste of Truffle
'Taste of truffle' or 'sapor di tartufo' is an unctuous umami-rich mushroom sauce stirred through with summer truffles, giving it a delicate truffle flavour. The textured mushroom truffle salsa is fabulous spread on crunchy sourdough bread, or on small crackers as a tasty canape. Alternatively stir a few tablespoons through a bowl of pasta for a luxurious wintry supper dish.

Truffled White Sauce
This white truffle sauce is a rich and luxurious blend of champignon mushrooms, truffles, cream and parmesan. One great use of the white truffle sauce is to spread it thinly on a buckwheat bellini, and top with a sliver of rare beef for an easy, yet memorable canapé. Or stir a few spoons through a bowl of spaghetti cooked al dente.

Carnaroli Rice with truffle
Carnaroli risotto rice is the ‘caviar' of Italian rice, and has a long, elegant grain which holds its shape to create a beautifully-textured risotto. This carnaroli rice is mixed with dried mushrooms, vegetables, and summer truffles for the classic Italian risotto experience.

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