Tamanishiki Short Grain Sushi Rice 5kg

Tamanishiki Short Grain Sushi Rice 5kg


Enjoy tamanishiki premium short grain rice with simple seasonings to enhance the rice’s natural flavour. Tamanishiki rice is rich with a natural sweetness and the classic, sticky texture that’s ideal for making perfect sushi. It is a specially developed strain of japonica Asian short grain – rice, and is a cross between Koshihikari rice (the rice of choice in Japan) and Yumegokochi rice. Super premium tamanishiki rice is one of the most popular choices for Japanese people living outside of Japan.

This tamanashiki rice is shinmai – or ‘new crop’, meaning the rice was harvested less than a year ago. ‘Young’ rice is especially sought after, as it takes less time to cook and gives a more desirable texture. The very short, plump, almost round rice grains have almost no white marks on them at all. This shows that the rice has been carefully polished to remove the starch, so washing before cooking is not necessary – though a quick rinse is still recommended to remove any excess starch and get the best fluffy texture with a slight bite. This 5kg bag will keep you well stocked and prepared for making lots of great sushi, or simply when you want the pleasure of good quality rice.

Tamanishiki rice is grown at Montna Farms in California, a leading supplier of premium Japanese rice.


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