Vichy Catalan Bottled Water



Vichy Catalan Bottled Water

Vichy Catalan bottled water is world-renowned for its quality.

Sourced from a thermal spring in Caldes de Malavella, Girona, the high mineral content and natural carbonation makes for a superior water that tastes so good, it will always be a pleasure to drink your daily water quota.

Which Type of Water Should I Buy?

The naturally carbonated bottled water with high mineral content comes in glass or plastic bottles, perfect for serving guests at the table. 

Vichy Catalan water in a can comes in flavours ranging from Catalan orange, lemon, lemon and lime, and refreshing mint: perfect for lunch boxes or straight from the fridge in front of the box. The Vichy Catalan flavoured waters come in recyclable tins that can be easily crushed and carried home, making them ideal for beach days and picnics. They include a resealable plastic cap to help reduce spills, and sand ingress when drinking outdoors.