Paella Rice



Paella Rice

Paella rice isn’t just any ordinary rice—it’s the secret to perfect paella! Though many varieties of rice can be used, it is important to use the specific paella rice if you want your paella just like straight from a Spanish Taverna. 

What is paella rice?

Spanish paella rice is a type of long-grain white rice traditionally used in Spanish and Catalan dishes such as paellas, arroz a la valenciana, and arròs cremada. It has a high starch content which helps give it that distinctive fluffy texture.

Types include Bahia paella rice, Bomba paella rice and Calasparra paella rice

The key difference between paella and other types of rice is that it has a larger grain size and is much stickier than regular white rice. This makes it ideal for dishes like paella because it will hold up better when cooked in liquid.

Can I use paella rice for risotto?

Yes, you can use paella rice for risotto? But be aware risotto is a dish where the rice needs to absorb liquid over time whilst continuously stirring and cooking in a constant temperature. Paella is traditionally a one-pot dish, that is left to cook on the top for a shorter period at a higher heat. They have slightly different textures when finished, so if substituting one for the other, you may not achieve the perfect paella or risotto. Using paella rice is the essential secret to perfect paella!

How do I cook paella rice? 

Read our favourite recipes for advice on how to cook the perfect paella using paella rice: