Muslin Cloth & Cooking String



Muslin Cloth & Cooking String

Get creative with cookery projects from jam and cheese making to kombucha brewing with our range of muslin cloth and cooking string.

Muslin is finely woven and washable and incredibly useful for a versatile range of kitchen tasks and cookery projects. Not just for babies, muslin squares are ideal for straining broths, sauces and jellies or to use instead of cheesecloth. 

Try making your own spice or herb bags to infuse stocks, soups and even herbal teas, or make pouches for aromatics to infuse pickling liquids. Muslin squares can also be used to make pretty ribbon-tied pouches of lavender to scent drawers with and repel clothes moths. 

Our wax-coated heat and odour-resistant cooking string can be used again and again. Ideal as butcher’s twine for trussing and rolling meat, or use it to tie bouquet garnis for flavouring soups, stews and beyond. 

It’s also perfect for tying suet and Christmas puddings ready for the steamer. A useful kitchen staple that won’t end up in landfill.