The Meater thermometer is a wireless, smart meat thermometer that is designed to make it easier and more convenient to cook meat to perfection.

Which Meat Thermometer Should I buy?

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The Meater thermometer consists of two main parts: a stainless steel probe and a wireless transmitter. The probe is inserted into the meat, while the transmitter connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

This connectivity allows users to remotely monitor the temperature of their food, as well as the ambient temperature of the oven or barbecue, through a dedicated app. 

This provides real-time updates on the cooking progress. The app offers suggested cooking times and temperatures for various meats and desired levels of doneness.

The Meater+ has a wireless range of up to 50m, untethering cooks from the grill or oven, then alerting them as soon as the meat reaches its target temperature. The thermometer is rechargeable in its wooden charging block.

The Meater thermometer has gained popularity among home chefs, grill enthusiasts, and professional cooks for its accuracy, convenience, and user-friendly app. It eliminates the guesswork in cooking, helping users achieve the perfect level of doneness, whether they're preparing steaks, roasts, or poultry.