Japanese Tea Sets



Japanese Tea Sets

Japanese tea sets are beautiful to own, whether you’re hosting a formal gathering or simply enjoy the ceremony of drinking traditional Japanese green tea.

Tea always tastes better from a teapot, especially one that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Choose from cast iron and porcelain teapots with infusers. Cast iron teapots keep the tea hot for a long time without the need for a warmer – perfect for leisurely afternoons. The porcelain teapots are daintier and a little more comfortable to hold and easier to care for, though just as authentic. And you can mix and match the different teapots and cups for an authentic Japanese tea set from our extensive Japanese tableware collection.

If you prefer the intense kick of powdered matcha green tea rather than classic leaf tea, you’ll love our traditional design matcha bowls. The matcha bowl Japanese tea sets are complete with bamboo whisk and chashaku measuring spoon, so you’ll be transported to a Japanese tea house with every use.

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