Gurgly Gluggle Jugs

Gurgly Gluggle Jugs

The iconic British homeware gift — the jug that glugs when it is poured. 

The original roots back to Staffordshire in the 1870s. Now, Jane and Rosie (the creators of the Gluggle Jug brand) bring us their improved Gurgle Glug Jug. Expect: 

🐠 the authentic hollow, curved tail (key to the glug-glug-glug sound) 

🐠 a fine, high-gloss translucent glaze to keep detail and definition in the scales and make the colours pop 

🐠 hand-made jugs from a family-run business committed to sustainable processes. The clay is ecological and reuses waste. Their electric kiln runs off the company's solar energy

🐠 a range of colours and sizes

Pick your colour and pitch. The 1.4l makes a deep glug, the 750ml is high-pitched.