Graters & Slicers



Graters & Slicers

From classic box graters for cheesy baked potatoes to kitchen slicers that can shred a whole cabbage in next to no time: we have all your grating and slicing needs covered.

Microplane graters are the perfect choice for finely zesting citrus or dusting tarts with tonka. Make light work of wasabi with a specialist wasabi grater - also useful for ginger, daikon, fresh turmeric and horseradish. We even have Spanish garlic crushing plates to transform whole cloves into paste in seconds!

With our range of mandolines and kitchen slicers, you can prepare wafer thin fruits and vegetables effortlessly. You can slice, julienne and even dice with just a few slides and relax in safety by wearing protective grater gloves.

Whatever the task, we have you covered.  So, you can languorously slice fresh truffles over pasta tableside or feel like a pro-chef at home with an adjustable thickness razor sharp
Japanese Mandoline. Food prep has never been so fast or so efficient.