Gifts for Kids



Gifts for Kids

Browse our range of cooking gifts and foodie presents for kids. From children's cooking utensils to grow-your-own herb sets, food-themed novelty socks to fun bento lunch boxes - there's something for every aspiring young chef. Our food gifts for junior chefs include ideas for all ages, from young teething babies right up to keen teenage foodies who are looking for fun ways to spend some more time in the kitchen.

Our Pick of the 2022 Range

"I have my eye on the Piccolo seeds this year. They'll be a really fun way to show my kids how ingredients grow and we can all cook something special together in a couple of months when our crop is ready to harvest!" Conrad, Head of Marketing

"I think the sushi socks are a great gift for older kids, just a good bit of fun really!" Edie, Head of Customer Services

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