Cream Chargers



Cream Chargers

Cream chargers are small, cylindrical canisters typically made of metal that are designed to infuse liquids, often double cream, with nitrous oxide gas. 

These devices are widely used in the culinary world, especially in the preparation of whipped cream and other foams.

The process of using cream chargers is straightforward. 

The charger is loaded into a whipper which contains the liquid. When the charger is punctured, the nitrous oxide gas is released, dissolving into the liquid and causing it to expand and take on a light, airy texture. 

This results in whipped cream with a smooth and fluffy consistency.

Cream chargers are commonly used in both professional kitchens and home cooking because they offer a convenient and efficient way to prepare whipped cream, mousses, espumas, and other savoury or sweet foams.