Ground coriander is a highly aromatic and flavorful spice, with hints of citrus and pepper. It's most commonly used in Indian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern cuisine. However, it can be found in many kitchens across the world due to its versatility.

Due to its strong flavour, it's best to add just a small amount of ground coriander at first when cooking with it. This will allow you to gauge how much more you want to add.

What is the difference between ground coriander, coriander seeds and fresh coriander? 

Coriander seeds are round, green seeds from a plant that is similar to parsley. While coriander seeds can be used in many dishes and in baking, ground coriander is the most common form of herb. 

Ground coriander is made from whole coriander seeds that have been crushed into a fine powder. It is more potent than whole or fresh coriander because it's more concentrated.

Fresh coriander offers a lighter, more fragrant flavour as it is a fresh leaf herb. 

What should I cook with it?

Ground coriander is a versatile spice that can be used in a variety of dishes, but it is especially good with Mexican or Indian dishes. You can also add it to sauces like ketchup and barbecue sauce to add a little bit of flavour.

Recipes using coriander: